White circular earrings with emerald green rhinestones.

Capture the Bridgerton style for less with these earrings!

If you ask anyone I know, they’ll tell you how obsessed I am with the Netflix series, Bridgerton. This second season will go down in my books as one of my favorite rom-com, period pieces!

While, yes, the main character, Anthony Bridgerton, was an absolute charmer, we need to talk about the outfits! Each ball gown, walk in the park dress, and even night gown in this season was absolutely breath taking. Let's not forget the diamonds, rubies, and pearls! What would the Regency period be without it's precious jewels! By the end of the season, I found myself talking in a British accent and longing for white gloves and a long gown. 

While you may get awkward looks if you were to prance down the street dressed like the Sharmas today, I might have just the touch of Bridgerton-ness to put you right in season two. To top it off, you can achieve this look for far less than what it probably cost the Queen!  

I present to you the Emerald Green Rhinestone earrings from my collection! These stunning polymer clay and rhinestone embedded earrings scream elegance, royalty, and class! They can be dressed up and dressed down depending on the occasion. The  emerald green signifies abundance, prosperity and growth.* 

With a pair of these stunning dangles on your ears, you’ll be sure to go about your day with the confidence and elegance of the queen herself! Click here to checkout these beautiful earrings and add them to your collection!

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*Source: https://rainbowsoflight.com/psychology-of-colors-emerald/#:~:text=Emerald%20and%20the%20color%20Green,%2C%20expansiveness%2C%20renewal%20and%20stability.

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