Let's talk about Polymer Clay!

Let's talk about Polymer Clay!

You've probably seen an influx of polymer clay earrings in recent years from small business owners on Etsy, Instagram, and even in stores like Madewell. So what is polymer clay?

Handcrafted Polymer Clay Earrings from Collection by Rin
Sculpey Polymer Clay

Truthfully, it isn't a new medium. It's been around for years. It is a light modeling clay that is hardened when baked. It's malleable pre-bake and can be formed into practically any shape. It's non-toxic and obviously works great for making jewelry.

Most of the jewelry in my shop is made out of Polymer Clay. I came across polymer clay in early 2020, right before the pandemic. When I first started, I was using everyday tools found around the house to shape and cut the clay. Now I have an entire studio with tools designed for polymer clay and also some of my own handmade tools that I use for my unique pieces.

Picture of multi-color polymer clay earrings.
My earrings from when I first started using polymer clay.

I've come a long way with polymer clay. Not that my earlier earrings weren't good, but I've really honed in on my personal style and taste more recently. This is so important as a maker because there are so many people who make polymer clay jewelry. To really set my pieces apart, I tune into what I naturally am attracted to. I've found myself gravitating toward certain colors and textures when designing my pieces. I'm very inspired by modern home decor and ceramics/paintings. I love working with unique shapes! The design has to speak to me. Sometimes designs come to me in my sleep and I have to get it drawn on to paper as soon as possible. Other times, I'm just messing around in my studio and a color or shape jumps out to me. 

Onyx No. 1 Dangles, $27.00

Overall, my experience with polymer clay has been wonderful. There is just something about sculpting and forming the clay. It allows for so much creativity. For me, designing and creating jewelry using this medium is freeing. There's so much you can do with the clay. There are no limits!

Emerald Green Rhinestone Earrings, $32.00

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