You'll want to add these to your collection! 2 pairs of earrings that will help you beat imposter syndrome!

You'll want to add these to your collection! 2 pairs of earrings that will help you beat imposter syndrome!

My initial reason for starting Collection by Rin was to build confidence and create a space where I could unapologetically express myself. Collection by Rin has given me the freedom to be as creative as I want. It's a dream come true to be able to design and create jewelry without limitations or expectations of how things "should" be. My art has been liberating for me because I've often found myself in spaces where I hid parts of me or was never given the room to really contribute my gifts. I know all too well what it is like to shrink yourself into a box or not have the confidence to fully let your light shine.

I've thought about my business's purpose and place in this world a lot. I've thought a lot about how I want others to feel when they wear my jewelry. I want my jewelry to empower and encourage others in the way that my art has done for me. While I've always set out to create jewelry that made individuals feel beautiful, I've recently taken a more direct approach to addressing these feelings we all grow through. For example, feelings of inadequacy, imposter syndrome, fear, and low self esteem. 



I present to you two new earring styles that are now available in my shop! These are just the first of a very long line of inspirational and motivational jewelry pieces with quotes, words, and symbolism selected to encourage you everyday! 

The "oh but darling what if you fly" earrings were designed to be a an everyday reminder that success is possible. My therapist once told me that our brains are wired to scan for the negative. It's somewhat of a survival tactic. My brain, especially, feels wired to scan and see the negative. When I take a second to intentionally think about it, so many positive and beautiful things have happened to me. I've taken chances and bloomed from them before. It's very easy to forget that when you're fearing the worse possible scenario. As a jewelry maker and someone who is passionate about mental health, I wanted to create an earring that directly addressed this negative mindset. I love the symbolism of birds so I included them in the design to re-affirm the quotes meaning.

The acrylic charm is paired with a beautiful 18k gold-plated stainless steel huggie hoop, making it the perfect everyday earring. I put on my earrings first thing in the morning and take them off right before bed. I believe earrings are the perfect place to put this message because of this. When you wake up in the morning, receive this message. And right before you lay your head down, let this message soak in. Beautiful things can and will happen for/to you! Take a moment to imagine that job, that relationship, that dream, or whatever plan you have in mind blooming and flourishing! 

The "Take Up Space" earrings were partially inspired by my sister. She recently got a tattoo in cursive below her collarbone that says that. I really liked that quote and it stuck with me. To me, to take up space means that you no longer shrink yourself to fit in or to make others comfortable. One of the things I've been working to undo is the notion that you shouldn't kick up dust or cause any kind of confrontation. This was something I thought I needed to do for so long in order to excel in life. I had gotten used to being "pleasant" and non-confrontational. Now, I'm ready to be everything but that. These earrings were designed to remind you that your voice matters and that you don't have to except everything you're given.

You can take up space in this world! You don't have to shrink yourself or worry about others not liking what you say or do. I don't mean being rude, ugly, or not giving a toot about others. I'm talking specifically about us folks who are afraid to send our meal back because we don't want to be a bother to the waiter. Or those of us who were always told to move out of the way of others on the sidewalk versus them moving out of our way. I'm talking about those of us who never want to inconvenience anyone. You can be a kind person and still take us space. You can assert your boundaries and speak up for yourself without being rude. If this is speaking to your soul then I made these earrings for you!  

I'm so excited for this new era of my jewelry. My creations are an extension of me. Sometimes I'm influenced by pop-culture, but I'm mostly influenced by my own personal growth. As I grow into myself and bloom, I see my art doing the same. I'm so excited to continue to bring you more inspirational and motivational jewelry. 

Thanks for reading and be sure check out the "oh but darling what if you fly" and "Take up space" earrings here. They'll even make a great gift for the friend or loved one you wish to encourage. 


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